Work From Home Style: Simple Ideas to Look Professional on Videocalls


Nowadays a lot of us are working from home which can be quite cozy. We roll out of bed, skip the make-up and great hair, just to hop into our sweats (or stay in our pjs) and sit at a make-shift office space. All that is good until we actually have a video call. So, what do you wear when you’re stuck in comfy mode but want to turn it up and be professional yet relaxed? Check out these ideas.

1. An Elevated Sweatsuit

For those marathon video conference calls, slip into an elevated matching set. The latest trend in fashion, they come in amazing styles, fabrics, and silhouettes that easily give off a comfy, cool vibe. Shopbop has a wide variety to choose from.

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2. Earrings to Dazzle

Earrings are a go-to when you want to spice up your look but are too lazy to go all out. They are great for enhancing your face which is perfect because videocalls can produce weird angles. Whip out your statement earrings, throw on a simple tee, and pull your hair back. Now you are ready to tackle any problems that might arise. (Take a look at these!)
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3. Tops to Make You Standout

Video chats can be boring but that doesn’t mean your style has to be. Throw on a vibrant top to lighten up your surroundings and make you feel energized. This is a great way to show off your impeccable style without having to do too much. (More vibrant tops here.)

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4. A Simple Touch

The next time you have important video calls, try adding a beautiful scarf into the mix. This is an easy way to give your style a pick-me-up while instantly portraying an elegant aesthetic. Bonus, depending on how you wear the scarf, you won’t have to fuss with your hair!
Kimiya Oveisi/Unsplash