Woman in the Spotlight:
Crystal Joy, Actress

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Meet Crystal Joy an actress, screenwriter, and producer. Crystal — introduce yourself to the community.

I’ve been acting and writing for the past six and a half years. After graduating from Loyola University Chicago, I moved to New York where I studied at several acting studios. Soon after, I joined a theater company where I performed in several Off Broadway plays across the city. Then, I transitioned into film booking commercials, a feature film, TV and some short films. Throughout my time in New York, I had the opportunity to write and produce for filmmakers.

At the age of 30, I decided to take charge of my career. So, I founded Blu Room Productions, an independent production house that allows me to create my own content under the umbrella of my company. Through it, I have produced several short films—Crumble, my first short film, Behind The Silence, my second, and my most recent, The Woe Chronicles, all of which I starred, executive produced, and wrote. For Behind The Silence, I sat in the director’s chair and co-directed it as well.

Upon returning to Chicago, I took some writing courses at Second City which really added to my writing technique. It’s extremely important to continue sharpening your tools in whatever field you work in. Now, Blu Room has expanded to include screenwriting consultation something I’m super excited to dive into. Another project I’m working on is my first anthology web-series inspired by The Woe Chronicles, and a script series that is exclusively for Instagram and my website,Blu Room.

Q & A

1) Why are you passionate about what you do?

I love storytelling and the ability to connect with people through characters. There’s so much content and inspiration to draw from, cross culturally especially, and I’m in awe of it all.

2) Tell us about a profound moment in your professional journey.

Starting my production company, it made me feel empowered.

3) Name one thing you are serious about.

I’m extremely serious about deadlines. So, I always create them for myself. It holds me accountable and keeps my goals from not being just dreams but realities.

4) What have you learned this far?

Collaboration is key. Network across. Create your own lane.

5) One word of advice you’d give to the younger you?

Just relax.