The Absolute Best Planner for Women Who Get S**T Done

2  min read

One of the items I always keep in my work bag is a planner. I’m constantly jotting things down, planning deadlines, content or scheduling meetings. Now, if you are like me and prefer function over aesthetic (except with shoes) then you’d gravitate towards a daily planner that is handy and simple. After many years of trying out various brands and styles, I’ve landed on the one brand that has become my yearly go-to, Gallery Leather.

Gallery Leather is absolutely the best brand of planners on the market for professional women, especially those who are travelers or busy building their empire. Here is what makes them the best and why I highly recommend one for you.

• They take the future into account. Gallery Leather planners include a snapshot grid of the past, present and future which allows you to easily search for days and schedule dates with the future in mind. This is especially handy when planning out next year’s vacation, appointments, holidays, conferences, etc. Additionally, they allow for plenty of writing room next to each individual date.

• These sturdy leather-bound planners are filled with gold rimmed pages, topped with a ribbon marker to keep your place. They come in colors ranging from brunt toffee brown to smooth lime green and range in size—large, notebook and pocketbook. Did I mention they are slender and lightweight? They easily fit into your purse without weighing it down. Perfect for tossing into your briefcase along with your other essentials.

• The number one reason I find Gallery Leather planners the most useful and absolute best is because they come organized with maps, travel information and a mini address book. Towards the back of each planner is a time zone map, helpful numbers, area codes, a world map, an address book, and notepad. This is the most resourced planner on the market not to mention, some versions even have conversion charts.

Hands down, Gallery Leather planners are the best option for the businesswomen, within us all, who needs no fancy frills to get her day started but is motivated by her dreams. These planners make you feel empowered, look professional and leaves room for everything else. For some reason, if you are thinking that planners aren’t for the modern, think again. Technology is great but nothing is more dependable than pen and paper. And when it comes to your success, dependability is everything.