Samsonite’s Executive Bag: Carryall for Those That Travel for the Job

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Samsonite’s Executive Bag: Carryall for Those That Travel for the Job

Images: Samsonite website
Ample space, well organized, and great for wherever your career takes you, Samsonite brings a minimalist approach to a highly tricked out work bag.

Product Details


This bag is constructed out of textured leather with a synthetic inner lining. The textured leather gives sturdiness to the shape of the bag and protects against the appearance of scratches. Both the inner and outer materials are conducive to maintaining the bag. Because the lining is synthetic, it can be wiped using a damp cloth without ruining the interior. And the outer material won’t ruin easily when wet.
The next attribute of this bag is its convertible features. Easily go from handheld to shoulder strap to crossbody with the attachable, adjustable strap. Another handy things is the pass-through sleeve on the back. Luggage handles slip into the sleeve for a no-carry hold which is essential for people who travel often for work.
Lastly, there are plenty of compartments built into the bag. There is a main zip compartment which has a laptop divider, an inner zip pouch, and two additional pockets. Also, there is a front and back snap compartment to fit an iPad and other contents. All in all, it is a highly functional bag.
Changes or Critiques:
Weighing over 2 pounds the bag is more than our recommended weight for a workbag. However, it does not necessarily feel any heavier than other leather bound, sturdily constructed bags. One small change to the bag’s design would be to add another leather option. A hard leather with a glossy finish would be ideal although the textured leather does help with scratches.
  • Constructed out of good materials
  • Convertible features a plus for ease of use
  • Spacious and organization dividers
  • Weighs over 2lbs empty

Why It’s Recommended

Samsonite’s Executive Leather Women’s Brief Bag is extremely versatile and has nice features. It’s a medium sized bag. So, if you like bigger bags, then this is ideal for you. If smaller bags are your preference, then it’s still not too big. Basically, it fits the needs of a good, professional work bag or an impeccably stylish travel bag.