7 Creative Ways to Style Your Jumpsuit this Fall

7 Creative Ways to Style Your Jumpsuit this Fall

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Fall styling at its best is filled with great layering and a plethora of creativity. All you need is one good piece for the fun to begin, like a jumpsuit. By adding a few additional items, you can reimagine a jumpsuit to look upscale, relaxed and even professional. Now, your favorite night out outfit is a versatile and go-to daytime piece. With a jumpsuit in mind, we have created seven original looks that are easy to do and ultra-fashionable for the season and beyond.

1) Add A Fancy Blouse

Choose a great blouse with a detailed neckline and pair it under your jumpsuit, add a matching belt—or not—to complete the look.

2) Add A Cropped Sweater

For a little more elegance, style a knit cropped sweater with your jumpsuit. This look is great for sweaters with large hole patterns or even a sheer top. You won’t have to worry about wearing a tank top or undershirt, the jumpsuit does the trick.
*Note: you can use yarn to tie a sweater up (don’t pin it up; pins will ruin the knit) from the inside, if you don’t have a cropped sweater.

3) Add A Blazer

Simply throw on a blazer and you have an easy business casual look. Now all you need to focus on are the heels.

4) Add A Scarf

Take your favorite scarf, drape it over your shoulders like you would a shawl (if it is long then double it) and put your jumpsuit on over it. Make sure you tuck the scarf fully into the jumper. Then pull out/fluff the sleeves and collar to get your desired look. This look is very easy to do, and yes, it really is a scarf!

5) Add An Oversized Sweater and Belt

A stylish, relaxed look isn’t complete without an oversized sweater. Leave it open or accessorize it with a waist belt.

6) Add A Collared Shirt

Instead or wearing a collared shirt and trousers, why not wear a collared shirt under a jumpsuit? Put on a striped, patterned or plain collared shirt, add a colorful belt or scarf and your ready for work or wherever the day takes you.

7) Add A Crop Top and Collared Shirt

If you can’t get enough of the crop top or collared shirt look, then try pairing them together for a little edginess. Style your jumpsuit with a collared shirt layered under it and a cropped top layered over it. Mix it up with a short sleeve vs long sleeve shirt and of course, fun accessories.

Your Guide to Selecting the Perfect Everyday Work Bag

Your Guide to Selecting the Perfect Everyday Work Bag

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We all yearn for it. Search high and low for it. We admire others’ and ask where we can find it. You know what we are talking about. A bag that is mostly used for work but can transitions from desk to dinner with ease. While the everyday work bag can vary by person, there are certain components it must have to be considered perfect.

1) Lightweight

Because you will fill your work bag with many items, laptop and gym clothes included, choose a bag that is lightweight. One way to determine the weight of a bag is by picking it up when empty. Our recommendation: stay under 2 pounds. You do not want your bag to be the cause of any back or shoulder problems.

2) Durable

Choose a bag that is well-made. One that will hold up over time, scratch resistant, and is constructed from good fabric, which we will discuss next. There is an abundance of fashionable yet functional options on the market.

3) Waterproof(-ish)

Look for a material that is waterproof, like nylon, or waterproof-ish, like leather. Avoid materials that when wet will seep through the inside. Another consideration, choose a bag that has an inner lining of nylon or similar. So, when something spills inside, it is easy to clean.
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4) Spacious

A work bag should be big enough to carry your essentials and then some without being overly large. A large bag will most likely be heavy when filled and bulky. On the flipside, a mini bag will not be sufficient. Finding the right balance is key. The right dimensions will depend on the shape of the bag; however, this is a good range: height 12-15 in, width 12-16 in and depth 4-5.5 in.

5) Minimal Color

Select a bag that is minimal in design and color so it can match many outfits. While a flashy color like neon purple would be super cute, it would clash and would not be versatile enough for an everyday workbag. Instead opt for a neutral or simple color.

6) Easy to Open

A really, really good work bag is easy to open BUT secure when closed, like a zipper. Contents will not fall out if the bag is turned upside down when zipped. Also, latched bags work really well, like a briefcase. Stay away from “open-mouth” bags because contents can easily fall out or get stolen.
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5 Easy Tips for Mastering the Pantsuit

5 Easy Tips for Mastering the Pantsuit

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We love a good pantsuit on a woman. We like how it adds an extra layer of inimitability and power. Take Hilary Clinton for instance, she is always in a colored pantsuit while taking on the Good Ol’ Boys club. Janelle Monae is known to sport a flashy, stylish pantsuit, and as of late, Blake Lively has been rocking beautifully designed pantsuits to promote her newest movie. Wearing a pantsuit can be a powerful branding tool or just an easy wardrobe option. If you are thinking about buying one or trying to find new ways to wear ones you already have, then here are 5 things to consider. 

1) Think About Color

Black, navy, grey, pinstripe—all good neutral colors and staples to have. As you grow your collection, feel free to add vibrant colors and fun patterns. The only caveat, vibrant colors can be showstopping, so you are less likely to wear a colorful suit as often as a neutral suit.

2) Balance Proportions

Give balance to your pantsuit by keeping things proportional. If you are 5’5″ and wearing a pair of baggy, low slung or wide leg pants, then try wearing high heels in order to elongate your legs and prevent yourself from looking frumpy or swallowed up by your clothes.
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3) Tailoring is Important

Take your suit to a tailor, if you can afford to. Tailoring is an extra expense, but it’s well worth it. It can turn an average suit into a bespoke suit. However, if you choose not to visit your local tailor, then create a tailored look by sticking to structured pantsuits and slim fitting tops. 

4) Contrast Pulls It Together

Use a contrasting blouse or pair of shoes to accentuate your look. When wearing a pantsuit, try to pair it with either funky shoes and a plain top or a fancy top and plain shoes. Or keep a monochromatic color scheme and throw-in a variant with your shoes. For example, imagine a woman wearing a black pantsuit, plain black blouse and red heels. Sleek, right?

5) Spice It Up

Experiment with your look. Don’t be afraid to add a bow tie, suspenders, a brooch or scarf to your pantsuit. For those of you who wouldn’t dare to accessorize with any of the above, try wearing printed tights under your pants or layers under your suit jacket, like a vest or cardigan on top of a button up.
Whatever color or style of pantsuit you wear, always wear it with confidence! Choose a suit that makes you feel comfortable, strong and—most importantly—yourself. Check out the gallery of ladies mastering the pantsuit.
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