Modern Citizen is Your Go-To for Work and Everyday Neutrals

Modern Citizen is Your Go-To for Work and Everyday Neutrals

Photo: Modern Citizen website
Sometimes we all need a little simple to layer upon the not so simple. Modern Citizen is a brand that explores simplicity through the use of neutrals and minimalism to adapt into fashionable pieces.

About the Company

Modern Citizen is a contemporary, culturally aware brand that works to reflect the diversity of all its clientele — modern women. Founded by two women after hitting it off at brunch, Modern Citizen makes pieces that can harmoniously filter into your lifestyle, work and play included. Additionally, the company offers shoes, jewelry, candles and home décor.

The Collection

Focusing on the main draw, Modern Citizen’s clothing line offers subtle foundation pieces or classic standalones. However, do not take its simplicity to mean plain. Dresses have daringly high slits; tops have peekaboo and flirty backs or ties that wrap for days. Neutral palettes allow for pieces to be truly versatile and paired with anything. The clothing is also created with many body types in mind and features high, medium, and low lengths for your choosing.

Where to Buy

From dresses to home accessories, everything can be purchased through the company’s website. Also, check out the founders’ story for a heartfelt read.

Turn the Comfiest Pieces in Your Closet into Great Office Looks

Turn the Comfiest Pieces in Your Closet into Great Office Looks

All Images: Nordstrom via style board
Do we all wish we could take some of our favorite everyday items, especially the “oh-so-comfortable” ones, and turn them into cute work outfits? Then this styling guide is exactly what you are looking for. These are five creative ways to take relaxed pieces, that you mostly already have in your closet, and transition them into work-fabulous options.

1) Joggers

You know those joggers you have been wearing a lot lately? Grab it and wear it with a fancy top and a pair of unforgettable heels. Or match the joggers with a modest bodysuit and a long duster.

2) Staple White T-shirt

Pair your ubiquitous white tee with dress slacks and a pair of flats. For the slacks, try a bright spring color, like canary blue, or a printed pattern. Take it up a notch by adding a soft cardigan.

3) Cotton Shorts

Take your cozy Bermuda length cotton shorts, the ones you are lounging in right now will do, and throw on a blazer and crisp top. Finish the outfit off with a sassy pair of heels for the cutest in-style look. (Make sure your dress code allows shorts!)

4) A Matching Set

Trade in your overworn sweatpants and hoodie for an upscale set. With oodles on the market, you are bound to find flattering, office friendly styles or create your own set. Pull out a pair of cotton wide-leg pants and match it with a similar top.

5) Simple Sweatshirt

Layer your go-to sweatshirt with a colorful collared shirt or a dickey collar underneath. Style it with pinstripe capris or flare jeans and be out the door. Another option, upgrade your old sweater for a new one that speaks volumes.

Look Flawless, Be Bold with the Help of This South Korean Label

Look Flawless, Be Bold with the Help of This South Korean Label

All Images from pushBUTTON

Have you ever stared at someone from across the room and thought wow, she looks so cool, if only I could pull that off? Well, now you can. With a little bit of confidence and pushBUTTON as your designer of choice, you can command any room. 

Mask or Accentuate

The brand celebrates individuality and boldness through its eccentrically creative pieces that are just as in style as any Vogue issue. They make oversized pants and androgynous three-piece suits look ultra-sleek. Not to mention some of its most interesting pieces are mashups of skirts or repurposed jeans, intricately detailed. Perfect for casual Fridays in the office or dress to impress meetings, pushBUTTON offers a unique fitting collection.

About pushBUTTON

Based out of Seoul, South Korea, pushBUTTON was founded in 2003 by former aspiring pop star and model, Park Seung Gun. Out of his love for Madonna and the cultural eras of the 70-90s, came a fashion brand that desired to create pieces made to be different.

Where to Buy

Experience the most recent collection on pushBUTTON’s website. Items can purchased on the international website here. Additionally, the brand can be found in the Galleria Department Store in Seoul’s Apgujeong district.

Work From Home Style: Simple Ideas to Look Professional on Videocalls

Work From Home Style: Simple Ideas to Look Professional on Videocalls


Nowadays a lot of us are working from home which can be quite cozy. We roll out of bed, skip the make-up and great hair, just to hop into our sweats (or stay in our pjs) and sit at a make-shift office space. All that is good until we actually have a video call. So, what do you wear when you’re stuck in comfy mode but want to turn it up and be professional yet relaxed? Check out these ideas.

1. An Elevated Sweatsuit

For those marathon video conference calls, slip into an elevated matching set. The latest trend in fashion, they come in amazing styles, fabrics, and silhouettes that easily give off a comfy, cool vibe. Shopbop has a wide variety to choose from.

Leset (

2. Earrings to Dazzle

Earrings are a go-to when you want to spice up your look but are too lazy to go all out. They are great for enhancing your face which is perfect because videocalls can produce weird angles. Whip out your statement earrings, throw on a simple tee, and pull your hair back. Now you are ready to tackle any problems that might arise. (Take a look at these!)
Calypso Dangle Earrings (

3. Tops to Make You Standout

Video chats can be boring but that doesn’t mean your style has to be. Throw on a vibrant top to lighten up your surroundings and make you feel energized. This is a great way to show off your impeccable style without having to do too much. (More vibrant tops here.)

Christie Brown website

4. A Simple Touch

The next time you have important video calls, try adding a beautiful scarf into the mix. This is an easy way to give your style a pick-me-up while instantly portraying an elegant aesthetic. Bonus, depending on how you wear the scarf, you won’t have to fuss with your hair!
Kimiya Oveisi/Unsplash

Elevate Your Style With Nakamol Earrings

Elevate Your Style With Nakamol Earrings

All images from
Based out of Chicago, IL, Nakamol offers trendy jewelry you’d want to wear for work, special occasions, and no occasion at all.

Handcrafted Pieces

The brand has an expansive range of jewelry but its intricately designed, handcrafted earrings is what puts the company on our radar. With stylish shapes and various stones, Nakamol earrings are a splash of casual cool.

About the Founder

Nakamol founded her eponymous brand after emigrating to Chicago from a rural town in southern Thailand. After amassing a following, she opened a store and made it a priority to continuously hire people from underprivileged backgrounds and ensure her prices are affordable to anyone wanting to looking nice but not at a steep cost.

Where to Buy

Nakamol jewelry can be purchased on the company website.