Turn the Comfiest Pieces in Your Closet into Great Office Looks

Turn the Comfiest Pieces in Your Closet into Great Office Looks

All Images: Nordstrom via style board
Do we all wish we could take some of our favorite everyday items, especially the “oh-so-comfortable” ones, and turn them into cute work outfits? Then this styling guide is exactly what you are looking for. These are five creative ways to take relaxed pieces, that you mostly already have in your closet, and transition them into work-fabulous options.

1) Joggers

You know those joggers you have been wearing a lot lately? Grab it and wear it with a fancy top and a pair of unforgettable heels. Or match the joggers with a modest bodysuit and a long duster.

2) Staple White T-shirt

Pair your ubiquitous white tee with dress slacks and a pair of flats. For the slacks, try a bright spring color, like canary blue, or a printed pattern. Take it up a notch by adding a soft cardigan.

3) Cotton Shorts

Take your cozy Bermuda length cotton shorts, the ones you are lounging in right now will do, and throw on a blazer and crisp top. Finish the outfit off with a sassy pair of heels for the cutest in-style look. (Make sure your dress code allows shorts!)

4) A Matching Set

Trade in your overworn sweatpants and hoodie for an upscale set. With oodles on the market, you are bound to find flattering, office friendly styles or create your own set. Pull out a pair of cotton wide-leg pants and match it with a similar top.

5) Simple Sweatshirt

Layer your go-to sweatshirt with a colorful collared shirt or a dickey collar underneath. Style it with pinstripe capris or flare jeans and be out the door. Another option, upgrade your old sweater for a new one that speaks volumes.