Secrid Cardprotector: RFID Blocking Wallet to Protect Against Theft

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Secrid Cardprotector: RFID Blocking Wallet to Protect Against Theft

Image: Secrid website
Are you always on the go, an avid traveler, or a credit card toting individual? Then you might want to secure your information with SECRID’s Cardprotector. Unobtrusive and unique in design, this cardholder has RFID blocking technology to protect against credit card fraud. Made for you in Holland, this wallet is sure to be a talking piece.

Product Details

  • Model Name:  Cardprotector
  • Brand: Secrid
  • Colors Available: Assortment
  • Product Dimension (L x W x H): 63 x 103 x 8 mm
  • Weight: 48g
  • Other Details: The Cardprotector has a bottom lever to pop the cards out. Fits up to 6 cards.



1) RFID Blocking to Protect Information

The highlight feature is the RFID blocking technology. Radio-frequency-identification (RFID) is a wireless data collection method that transmits information. The cardholder is made out aluminum and stainless which blocks that wireless communication to prevent credit card theft. This attribute is highly desirable because nowadays your credit card information can be stolen through your wallet.

2) Hi-tech Design

The Cardprotector has a great design. Coated in a metallic color tone, it looks cool and has a lever that makes accessing your cards clever, one pull and everything pops up. Additionally, it is compact, slim enough to fit in your pocket or a small purse without weighing it down.  

3) Built to Last

Because the cardholder is made of aluminum and stainless steel, it is pretty durable. It will not bend or break easily. And it holds up nicely when it comes to scratches or marks.

Cons or Changes:

1) The only thing to be aware of is that if you put more than 6 cards in the case, they may get stuck. Also, we do not recommend keeping paper cards in the case, like business cards, etc., metal or plastic only.

Why It’s Recommended

A safe and simple way of keeping track of your credit cards and protecting your information. The Cardprotector from SECRID is minimal in design yet polished and professional, making it a conversation starter to whoever sees it. It is definitely a worthy investment.

Invest In Your Career With An Eponine London Dress

Invest In Your Career With An Eponine London Dress

All Images from Eponine website
Every women needs one beautifully tailored piece in her closet that makes her feel definitively more feminine. A timeless dress that tells a story of elegance. Or a skirt that makes you feel confident.

About the Brand

Eponine London is a British womenswear brand that specializes in bespoke and ready-to-wear dresses, skirts, coats, and jumpsuits. They offer a limited collection inspired by some of the best eras in women’s fashion—the 50s and 60s. Yet, their pieces are ageless and never out of style. The brand’s garments are investment pieces that can easily be paired with heels, sneakers, or flats.

Classic Silhouettes

The dresses are made with lush colors and prints that give their designs elegance. Each collection leaves an impression of detail and well thought out construction. This brand is for those who enjoy classic silhouettes and don’t care much about following trends.

Where to Buy

Ready-to-wear pieces can be purchased on their website. Contact Eponine for couture garments.

Work Essentials with Fun Nordic Style: Coster Copenhagen

Work Essentials with Fun Nordic Style: Coster Copenhagen

Coster Copenhagen website
Looking for a designer brand that emphasizes being well-dressed just as much as comfortable? Coster Copenhagen womenswear may fulfill those needs and more.

Contemporary Office Pieces

What puts this brand on our radar is how fashionable their pieces are while still being super office-friendly. Furthermore, Coster offers an expansive collection of work essentials, ranging from matching sets, blazers, dresses, trousers, etc. If you are looking for simple basics, they have another line “CC Heart Basics” that caters to those needs.

About the Label

Based out of Copenhagen, Denmark, the label was founded in 2012, by Pia Coster, who has worked in the fashion industry for over 20 years. For Pia, high quality dressing at an affordable price has always been the goal. “It is important that quality must always be unique and at a fair price.” With six new collections each year, there are always fashionable and fun prints and styles to choose from.

Where to Buy

The brand can be found in various stores throughout Europe and clothing can also be purchased on the website.

Acler Australia: Redesigning What A Go-To Blazer Should Be

Acler Australia: Redesigning What A Go-To Blazer Should Be

All images from Acler
They do some great stuff. Australia’s Acler is a brand that should be in your closet.

About the Brand

Acler is a minimalism fashion brand helmed by two women from Australia. Their designs favor playing with lines and a monochromatic canvas; the results are anything but boring. They design with the brave in mind—the savvy, the beguiling, the bold—the woman that lives by her individuality.

Amazing Blazers

Season after season, a staple of each collection are its elegantly redefined blazers. To be clear, we should call these “little pieces of art” not a blazer but for the sake of brevity blazer will suffice. Each blazer is sculpted meticulously and with detail, making them fit nicely and creating a well-tailored looked. Usually, Acler designs an equally artistic skirt, pant, or dress to complement. However, the blazers can be paired with anything already in your closet. And it easily transitions from work day to night out. Acler doesn’t stop there. This brand is serious about bold tops and defining dresses for all your wardrobe needs.

Where to Buy

Acler can be purchased on its website.