What is Business Casual? Learn It Once and For All

What is Business Casual? Learn It Once and For All

All Images: Nordstrom via style board
Business casual gets tossed around often on the internet, in job interviews or in regular conversation, leaving most of us, if not everyone, confused. What is business casual? Have you found yourself contemplating this yet to find a definitive answer? Well, today is the day you learn what business casual is, once and for all. No question will be left unanswered and we have included fabulous outfit ideas.

What is Business Casual?

It is one step below business professional (ties, suits, jackets) and one step above casual (denim bottoms). Not clear enough, business casual is slacks, skirts or dresses paired with blouses, button-ups, or decorative shirts and heeled or flat shoes.
Business Casual Dress Code:

Pants – Bottoms usually of a cotton, polyester, wool, corduroy or a blend of materials. These items are commonly known as trousers, dress pants and slacks (no denim).

Tops – Blouses, button-ups, collared shirts, sweaters, cardigans with camisoles, decorative or simple shirts (no graphic tees), all of these are versatile business casual pieces.

Skirts/Dresses – Options for skirts and dresses are endless – pencil, A-line, high waist, etc. – just make sure hemlines are not too short. A good hem length rule of thumb is two inches above the knee; any shorter and it becomes inappropriate for work.

Shoes Heels and flats are good choices to complement a business casual outfit but sneakers are not.

When it comes to business causal dressing, err on the conservative side until you are able to get a feel of your office environment or get clear directives on what is appropriate. One thing is for sure, you do not have to worry about finding a lack of wardrobe options as business casual is very common. Now that you have business casual down pat, you can show up to work feeling confident and looking professional. Below are five business casual looks that are perfect for any office setting.