Muji Desk Fan: A Must-Have for Keeping Cool Out of the Office

Muji Desk Fan: A Must-Have for Keeping Cool Out of the Office

What do you do on hot days when you can feel the heat but not the air conditioning ? You plug this portable fan into your computer and let it roll. Muji’s USB desk fan is a smart work accessory for any space.

Product Details

  • Model Name: Low Noise USB Desk Fan
  • Brand: Muji
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 4 in x 3.1 in x 5.4 in
  • Weight: ≈ .50 lbs
  • Colors Available: Assortment
  • Other Details: Cord length ≈ 35 inches


Almost weightless, weighs less than half a pound, this mini fan is powered by USB. Made out of thick, coated plastic , it is quite sturdy. The fan’s base is flat allowing it to sit even on surfaces.
Once hooked up, the desk fan has two output settings. The first level of output provides enough relief that there’s rarely a need to turn it higher. If you do, the second level offers a powerful output with further reach. Additionally, the fan’s head tilts to provide additional angles of airflow.
The best thing about this fan is that it makes very little noise. Actually, when operating, the fan is almost silent, emitting only a minimal level of sound, which is ideal for quiet workspaces. Put it this way, your co-worker next to you is probably much, much louder.


  • Fantastic air quality
  • Very, low-noise output
  • Tilting fan head
  • USB cord, attached to base
  • None

Why It’s Recommended

This fan is like the little engine that could. And it is small and portable, making it useful beyond work or travel.  It is powerful, emitting enough air to keep you comfortable without actually having air conditioning. So, what are you waiting for, relieve the heat with MUJI’s USB desk fan!

How to Work with Difficult Colleagues

How to Work with Difficult Colleagues

Over the years, we have all experienced our fair share of dealing with difficult colleagues or bosses. Maybe you were lucky enough to find another job or maybe you are still stuck in this situation. Either way, it’s good to have a few tricks up your sleeve to make your job more manageable. 

1) Keep Cool

I’ve always been a firm believer that keeping your cool in difficult or stressful situations is 100 percent the way to go. Not only does not flying off the handle allow you to be more professional but also it gives way for patience. And when you are working with difficult people, you need to exercise a lot of patience. Many problems could be prevented if people used more patience. It is a virtue after all!

2) The Next Best Thing

Try to understand where the other person is coming from. Does he or she feel ganged up on, belittled, or unheard? Understanding the other person’s point of view helps you think differently and defuse the situation. Also, this might help you change your attitude about the person. You are better equipped to handle anything when you come from a place of understanding.

3) Don’t Tell All in the Office

This is the hardest but maybe the most crucial thing to learn. Gossiping or letting co-workers know about your issues with another co-worker makes for a contentious situation. First, you are letting negative feelings or ill-will consume you. Secondly, most of the time, your work BFF only adds fuels the fire not quells it. Say no to gossip girls, instead go home and talk to a confidant.

4) You Don’t Have to be a Wordsmith to…

Choose your words wisely. When communicating written or orally with an individual you may not have the best relationship with, really take time to think about the language you use. I assure you, written communication is the number one thing people read into, because they are trying to decipher tone. And if you are used to having problems with an individual, then he or she will be more on guard during your exchanges. Focus on the objective and approach him or her in a professional manner. Consider being more thoughtful with your words, it will only make you better.

5) Be Like Elsa and Let It Go

And if it doesn’t kill you, which I’m sure it won’t, I’d advise to let go of past transgressions. Someone once told me, regarding a difficult situation I was going through, you won’t remember this in a year from now, probably not even in 3 months from now, so just let it go. She was right! All the energy and negative thoughts I was putting into the situation just to achieve a desired outcome was not worth the distress I was putting myself through. Take the happier option and let it go. Leave all the problems/issues of the workday at the office and start with a clean slate each day. Your personal life and happiness don’t deserve to be encroached upon by someone else’s negativity.

Jump into the Season with Booties That Pay Ode to Mexico’s Heritage

Jump into the Season with Booties That Pay Ode to Mexico’s Heritage

Image from Caarmela website
Looking for shoes that can take you from spring to summer and well into fall? Carmella’s, especially its Carreño bootie, is a fun way to dress up or down for the office and explore the world of Mexican fashion.

About the Company

Caarmela is a Mexican footwear brand and concept store (Caarmela House) featuring independent designers. The company opened it location in Mexico City in 2016, and since has been a source of womenswear grounded in femininity and strength.


Caarmela’s shoes are handmade in Mexico and sourced from the city of León, which is known for its quality leather. The footwear ranges from boots influenced by Latin American culture to oxfords infused with contemporary aesthetics. Its collection brings the history of women from the past to the future.

Where to Purchase

Caarmela’s footwear and other local brands can be purchased at Caarmela House’s storefront in Mexico City or on the website. Note, prices are listed in Mexican pesos.

Turn the Comfiest Pieces in Your Closet into Great Office Looks

Turn the Comfiest Pieces in Your Closet into Great Office Looks

All Images: Nordstrom via style board
Do we all wish we could take some of our favorite everyday items, especially the “oh-so-comfortable” ones, and turn them into cute work outfits? Then this styling guide is exactly what you are looking for. These are five creative ways to take relaxed pieces, that you mostly already have in your closet, and transition them into work-fabulous options.

1) Joggers

You know those joggers you have been wearing a lot lately? Grab it and wear it with a fancy top and a pair of unforgettable heels. Or match the joggers with a modest bodysuit and a long duster.

2) Staple White T-shirt

Pair your ubiquitous white tee with dress slacks and a pair of flats. For the slacks, try a bright spring color, like canary blue, or a printed pattern. Take it up a notch by adding a soft cardigan.

3) Cotton Shorts

Take your cozy Bermuda length cotton shorts, the ones you are lounging in right now will do, and throw on a blazer and crisp top. Finish the outfit off with a sassy pair of heels for the cutest in-style look. (Make sure your dress code allows shorts!)

4) A Matching Set

Trade in your overworn sweatpants and hoodie for an upscale set. With oodles on the market, you are bound to find flattering, office friendly styles or create your own set. Pull out a pair of cotton wide-leg pants and match it with a similar top.

5) Simple Sweatshirt

Layer your go-to sweatshirt with a colorful collared shirt or a dickey collar underneath. Style it with pinstripe capris or flare jeans and be out the door. Another option, upgrade your old sweater for a new one that speaks volumes.

Work From Home Style: Simple Ideas to Look Professional on Videocalls

Work From Home Style: Simple Ideas to Look Professional on Videocalls


Nowadays a lot of us are working from home which can be quite cozy. We roll out of bed, skip the make-up and great hair, just to hop into our sweats (or stay in our pjs) and sit at a make-shift office space. All that is good until we actually have a video call. So, what do you wear when you’re stuck in comfy mode but want to turn it up and be professional yet relaxed? Check out these ideas.

1. An Elevated Sweatsuit

For those marathon video conference calls, slip into an elevated matching set. The latest trend in fashion, they come in amazing styles, fabrics, and silhouettes that easily give off a comfy, cool vibe. Shopbop has a wide variety to choose from.

Leset (

2. Earrings to Dazzle

Earrings are a go-to when you want to spice up your look but are too lazy to go all out. They are great for enhancing your face which is perfect because videocalls can produce weird angles. Whip out your statement earrings, throw on a simple tee, and pull your hair back. Now you are ready to tackle any problems that might arise. (Take a look at these!)
Calypso Dangle Earrings (

3. Tops to Make You Standout

Video chats can be boring but that doesn’t mean your style has to be. Throw on a vibrant top to lighten up your surroundings and make you feel energized. This is a great way to show off your impeccable style without having to do too much. (More vibrant tops here.)

Christie Brown website

4. A Simple Touch

The next time you have important video calls, try adding a beautiful scarf into the mix. This is an easy way to give your style a pick-me-up while instantly portraying an elegant aesthetic. Bonus, depending on how you wear the scarf, you won’t have to fuss with your hair!
Kimiya Oveisi/Unsplash