Get Your Office Talking With This South Korean Designer

Get Your Office Talking With This South Korean Designer

All Images from pushBUTTON

Have you ever stared at someone from across the room and thought wow, she looks so cool, if only I could pull that off? Well, now you can. With a little bit of confidence and pushBUTTON as your designer of choice, you can show off super style while taking charge.

Why It Made Our List

The brand celebrates individuality and boldness through its eccentrically creative pieces that are just as in style as any Vogue issue. They make oversized pants and androgynous three-piece suits look ultra-sleek and effervescent. Not to mention, some of their most interesting pieces are mashups of skirts or repurposed jeans, intricately detailed. Perfect for casual Fridays in the office or dress to impress meetings, pushBUTTON offers a unique fitting collection.

About pushBUTTON

Based out of Seoul, South Korea, pushBUTTON was founded in 2003 by former aspiring pop star and model, Park Seung Gun. Out of his love for Madonna and the cultural eras of the 70-90s, came a fashion brand that desired to create pieces made to be different.

Where to Buy

Experience the most recent collection on pushBUTTON’s website or shop the designer on Net-a-porter. Additionally, the brand can be found in the Galleria Department Store in Seoul’s Apgujeong district.

Support Change in the Workforce with Haitian-Italian Designer Stella Jean

Support Change in the Workforce with Haitian-Italian Designer Stella Jean

All Images Courtesy of Stella Jean/ Vogue website

One of the main issues coursing through the world right now is equality. So, we chose a brand that captures this sentiment down to its core and promotes social equality, especially in the workforce. Through the use of prints from various cultures across the world to the humanitarian thought-process behind the label, Stella Jean is championing change and using fashion to do it. 

Why It Made Our List: Activist-Fashion

Each collection is designed to weave threads of inclusion and multiculturalism. As a result, Stella Jean partners with female artisans from developing countries every season and promotes social development projects. Whether you are in the mood for statement skirts to wear to work or tops that speak volumes, spread awareness with Stella Jean.

About the Founder

Born to an Italian father and a Haitian mother, Stella Jean is a black, Italian fashion designer based out of Rome. She created her eponymous label to be a symbol of cultures merging and leading to a dialogue with a bigger picture. By using her talents to champion global injustices, she hopes to make fashion environmentally responsible and a mechanism for social change.

Where to Buy

You can find the brand’s garments on various online retailers. To learn more about Stella Jean visit the website. Go to Vogue to view the latest runway collection. 

left: Stella Jean © Isidore Montag /

This Brand is Making Ghana the Next Power Player in Women’s Fashion

This Brand is Making Ghana the Next Power Player in Women’s Fashion

All Images from Christie Brown

Who says your professional image can only embody one aesthetic? For those that like to challenge what professional dressing—or dress to impress—means, I give you Christie Brown. A brand for you to tell your own story.

Why It Made Our List: Neo-Africa Power Dressing

For over a decade, we have been mesmerized by Christie Brown. Their interpretation of bringing African culture alive in contemporary designs is what puts this label on our radar. Every collection features simple yet striking wearable pieces and standout accessories, which can be paired with slacks or dresses for a professionally creative ensemble.

About the Brand

Launched in 2008 by Ghanaian designer Aisha Obuobi as an extension of her lifelong passion for fashion, the brand has been a heavy player in Africa’s world of luxury. Growing up, Aisha was inspired by her seamstress grandmother’s creations and as a result named her business after her. Christie Brown is an apparel and accessories retailer and manufacturer, creating women’s bespoke and ready-to-wear garments.

Where to Buy

Based in Accra, Ghana, the Christie Brown collection can be purchased at its flagship store or online. To see their past and current collection, visit the website. Keeping a playful yet suave silhouette in mind, Christie Brown brings power and confidence to women through Neo-African inspired pieces.

Buying the Perfect Everyday Work Shoe: 7 Essential Tips

Buying the Perfect Everyday Work Shoe: 7 Essential Tips

Images from Magrit Shoes

4  min read

Okay, so those (above) may not be your everyday work shoes but they are beautiful and attention-grabbing! There are a few simple things to know when choosing a staple work shoe. One thing is that it doesn’t have to be a heel. Flats work just the same. If your profession is one where you don’t wear heels to work, i.e. ballet, then use this article as a guideline for your basic heel. The below tips will assist with your purchase and beyond. (Note: All shoes in this article are by Spanish brand, Magrit.)

1) Neutral Color
Pick a neutral color like black, nude, navy or brown. The color should be universal so you can easily pair it with multiple outfits without having to worry about going out to buy another pair of shoes.

2) Mid Heel Height
If you are going for a heel, then the right heel height matters. Be kind to your feet and pick a suitable height. Mid heel is around 3 inches, not too high as you’ll be running around all day and not too low if you’d like elongate the leg. However, if 3 inches is too high, then there’s nothing wrong going with a lower or kitten heel.

3) Quality Material 
Spend a little more money on something high quality. Usually a genuine leather or suede material will do the trick. Additionally, it is very important to make sure the lining of the shoe is also made of genuine leather. If so, the shoe will stretch over time and mold to your foot.

4) Shape and Cut
The most common toe shapes are pointy, circle, and almond. Each shape offers a different look and is completely up to the individual. Some shoes are cut narrow, others wide, and the rest medium (which is regular). What you need to know about the toe shape and cut is the comfort level can vary. Depending on the width of your foot, you may have to choose a wider shoe or different style for optimal comfort. 

5) Placement and Thickness
The heel is where you get the support of the shoe. Although, skinny needle point stiletto are hot, for your basic, everyday pump, pick something thicker. Also, a heel placed exactly under your foot provides more support than one placed farther away. If you are going for a flat shoe, then this is not an issue.

6) When Trying on Shoes
It’s a debate on whether the morning or evening is better for trying on shoes. Know this, it’s crucial to get the proper fit of your foot. As you move throughout the day, your feet swell, especially in heat, which can prevent a true read on the size; so does foot pain from your current shoe. Our recommendation is to try shoes on earlier in the day. As mentioned, leather stretches and will shape to your foot. That is why it’s crucial to make sure the lining is made of leather.

7) Longevity of Your Shoes
Invest in taking care of your shoes. Find a good cobbler and after some wear get the bottoms resoled and the heel caps replaced. This way your shoe will last longer. If you decide on a pair of Louboutin’s, high-end cobblers nowadays offer a red sole to keep up with the look. It’s also a good investment and well worth the money to polish leather shoes and clean suede regularly to keep them looking brand new.