Muji Desk Fan: A Must-Have for Keeping Cool Out of the Office

Muji Desk Fan: A Must-Have for Keeping Cool Out of the Office

What do you do on hot days when you can feel the heat but not the air conditioning ? You plug this portable fan into your computer and let it roll. Muji’s USB desk fan is a smart work accessory for any space.

Product Details

  • Model Name: Low Noise USB Desk Fan
  • Brand: Muji
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 4 in x 3.1 in x 5.4 in
  • Weight: ≈ .50 lbs
  • Colors Available: Assortment
  • Other Details: Cord length ≈ 35 inches


Almost weightless, weighs less than half a pound, this mini fan is powered by USB. Made out of thick, coated plastic , it is quite sturdy. The fan’s base is flat allowing it to sit even on surfaces.
Once hooked up, the desk fan has two output settings. The first level of output provides enough relief that there’s rarely a need to turn it higher. If you do, the second level offers a powerful output with further reach. Additionally, the fan’s head tilts to provide additional angles of airflow.
The best thing about this fan is that it makes very little noise. Actually, when operating, the fan is almost silent, emitting only a minimal level of sound, which is ideal for quiet workspaces. Put it this way, your co-worker next to you is probably much, much louder.


  • Fantastic air quality
  • Very, low-noise output
  • Tilting fan head
  • USB cord, attached to base
  • None

Why It’s Recommended

This fan is like the little engine that could. And it is small and portable, making it useful beyond work or travel.  It is powerful, emitting enough air to keep you comfortable without actually having air conditioning. So, what are you waiting for, relieve the heat with MUJI’s USB desk fan!