What is Business Casual? Learn It Once and For All

What is Business Casual? Learn It Once and For All

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Business casual gets tossed around often on the internet, in job interviews or in regular conversation, leaving most of us, if not everyone, confused. What is business casual? Have you found yourself contemplating this yet to find a definitive answer? Well, today is the day you learn what business casual is, once and for all. No question will be left unanswered and we have included fabulous outfit ideas.

What is Business Casual?

It is one step below business professional (ties, suits, jackets) and one step above casual (denim bottoms). Not clear enough, business casual is slacks, skirts or dresses paired with blouses, button-ups, or decorative shirts and heeled or flat shoes.
Business Casual Dress Code:

Pants – Bottoms usually of a cotton, polyester, wool, corduroy or a blend of materials. These items are commonly known as trousers, dress pants and slacks (no denim).

Tops – Blouses, button-ups, collared shirts, sweaters, cardigans with camisoles, decorative or simple shirts (no graphic tees), all of these are versatile business casual pieces.

Skirts/Dresses – Options for skirts and dresses are endless – pencil, A-line, high waist, etc. – just make sure hemlines are not too short. A good hem length rule of thumb is two inches above the knee; any shorter and it becomes inappropriate for work.

Shoes Heels and flats are good choices to complement a business casual outfit but sneakers are not.

When it comes to business causal dressing, err on the conservative side until you are able to get a feel of your office environment or get clear directives on what is appropriate. One thing is for sure, you do not have to worry about finding a lack of wardrobe options as business casual is very common. Now that you have business casual down pat, you can show up to work feeling confident and looking professional. Below are five business casual looks that are perfect for any office setting.

The Best Denim Brands for Casual Friday (and What Not to Wear)

The Best Denim Brands for Casual Friday (and What Not to Wear)

Image: Wash Lab website
Does Causal Friday have you stuck in a rut trying to figure out what to wear? What actually is Causal Friday? Those are thoughts we have all had before. Whether casual days are few and far between or a daily occurrence for you, we have prepared a breakdown of Casual Friday – aka denim’s day to shine – and a guide to certain types of denim that work and some that do not.

What is Causal Friday?

Think denim. Causal Friday is your day to trade in your work suits, dresses, pencil skirts and slacks for a pair of simple jeans. Of course, bottoms like khakis work too. Jeans, however, are the most popular; almost everyone owns a pair. Casual days are your days to dress down for work and go with more relaxed styling. Many offices still have rules on what clothing and styles of denim are appropriate. Let’s take a look at some of those.

What Not & What To Wear

Please, No:

  • ripped/distressed
  • destroyed
  • shorts (above the  knees)
  • mini skirts
  • paint splattered
We recommend shying away from the above denim styles, especially jeans with holes. These denim styles are most likely at the top of your offices not appropriate for work list. But when in doubt, check with your manager.

Yes, Please:

  • flares
  • wide leg
  • skinny
  • high waist
  • capri
  • cropped
  • skirts (knee to long)
  • relaxed-fit
  • shorts (knee-length)

Denim Washes & Colors:

  • Denim washes: dark blue to light blue (No acid wash or bleached denim)
  • Denim colors: black, white, neutrals, muted colors (like burgundy and mauve, bright colors*
On the bright side, there are many options, washes, and colors that are appropriate for the office. The above is just a short list of some popular styles. (*Some colors may not be suitable for your workplace, especially bright colors like neon.)
Joes Jeans (

Good Denim Brands (to know)

There is a plethora of denim brands on the market. These are some of the denim brands that stand out to us and reasons why.

Blank NYC

  • Trendy styles, nice fit and reasonably priced
  • Good for fashionistas on a budget
  • Sizing: TTS (true to size)

Joe’s Jeans

  • Exceptional for fitting ladies with curves
  • Denim is high-quality and styles are ultra-feminine
  • Sizing: Runs large; size down 1 or 2 sizes, depending on style

Levi’s Jeans

  • Your tried-and-true brand for durable and economically priced denim
  • Offers staple styles and jeans that allow for movement
  • Sizing: TTS

AG Jeans

  • Premium quality denim with soft fabrics 
  • Designs a great skinny jean
  • Sizing: TTS

Wash Lab

  • Specializes in stylish denim skirts and denim dresses
  • Good for women that crave innovative denim styles
  • Sizing: TTS
Joes Jeans (
Wash Lab (

Look Flawless, Be Bold with the Help of This South Korean Label

Look Flawless, Be Bold with the Help of This South Korean Label

All Images from pushBUTTON

Have you ever stared at someone from across the room and thought wow, she looks so cool, if only I could pull that off? Well, now you can. With a little bit of confidence and pushBUTTON as your designer of choice, you can command any room. 

Mask or Accentuate

The brand celebrates individuality and boldness through its eccentrically creative pieces that are just as in style as any Vogue issue. They make oversized pants and androgynous three-piece suits look ultra-sleek. Not to mention some of its most interesting pieces are mashups of skirts or repurposed jeans, intricately detailed. Perfect for casual Fridays in the office or dress to impress meetings, pushBUTTON offers a unique fitting collection.

About pushBUTTON

Based out of Seoul, South Korea, pushBUTTON was founded in 2003 by former aspiring pop star and model, Park Seung Gun. Out of his love for Madonna and the cultural eras of the 70-90s, came a fashion brand that desired to create pieces made to be different.

Where to Buy

Experience the most recent collection on pushBUTTON’s website. Items can purchased on the international website here. Additionally, the brand can be found in the Galleria Department Store in Seoul’s Apgujeong district.