Architecture Meets Fashion with Cihuah’s Geometric Infused Clothes

Architecture Meets Fashion with Cihuah’s Geometric Infused Clothes

Image: Cihuah website
When you crave “something different” but want something that can be paired with everything; when you forgo balance for imbalance and feel like black/white or both, Cihuah, made for women by women, is a brand which captures that spirit to the core.

About the Brand

Cihuah (pronounced “See-whuah”) means women in Nahuatl, one of Mexico’s indigenous languages, and pays homage to that ancestry. The brand’s founder, Vanessa Guckel, who is French, began her career in architecture before transitioning into fashion. Those influences—portion and deconstruction—combined with Mexico’s ancestral roots, are apparent in the geometric theme of the clothing.

The Collection

Each collection is made for women to feel strong and independent. With bold, asymmetrical shapes the label emboldens women to own their individuality.  By weaving basic colors, black and white with reinvented garments, women can feel chic and confident while at work. Also, keeping social conscientiousness in mind, the brand is an advocate for vegan leather and thus creates with it.

Where to Buy

To see the full collection, including bags and jewelry, and to purchase, visit Cihuah online. Note, prices are listed in pesos and may need to be converted. Or, if in Mexico City, stop by the flagship store.