María Rufina: Foldable Designer Handbags Inspired by Origami

María Rufina: Foldable Designer Handbags Inspired by Origami

Image: María Rufina website
María Rufina, a burgeoning handbag brand out of Mexico, is on to something with its purses that resemble folded origami and are leather free. Its short handle folding bag has many features that make it a must-have bag for stylish professional women.

Product Details

  • Model Name: Shopper Zipper Folding Bag Short Handle
  • Materials: Exterior: Neoprene; Interior: synthetic suede
  • Colors: Exterior: black; Interior: assortment
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 12 in x 4.5 in x 11.5 in


True to its name, the bag is constructed to be entirely collapsible. It has brilliantly placed side snaps that blend into the design yet come undone, along with a top zipper and handles that can be detached. Then, the bag lays flat and can be folded and stored in other things, like a gym bag.
However, it’s not your run-of-the-mill folding bag made out of cloth or nylon. This one is much stronger. It’s made out of thick neoprene and has a synthetic suede lining. Which, by the way, the customer gets to select.
Now here comes the fun part, you can mold the bag. The neoprene surface has a laser cut, origami-style stitched pattern which makes it pliable.  Poke in the sides and bottom and you have created a uniquely shaped handbag.


  • Entirely collapsible
  • Origami aesthetic
  • Moldable shape
  • Unique handbag

Why It’s Recommended

María Rufina foldable handbags are unique in aesthetic and design. Within 2 mins, you can deconstruct and reconstruct the bag and mold it to your liking. They are perfect for toting to the office or folding in a suitcase for travel. Visit the website to see the full collection. Note, prices are listed in pesos and might need to be converted.

Your Guide to Selecting the Perfect Everyday Work Bag

Your Guide to Selecting the Perfect Everyday Work Bag

Image from Strathberry website
We all yearn for it. Search high and low for it. We admire others’ and ask where we can find it. You know what we are talking about. A bag that is mostly used for work but can transitions from desk to dinner with ease. While the everyday work bag can vary by person, there are certain components it must have to be considered perfect.

1) Lightweight

Because you will fill your work bag with many items, laptop and gym clothes included, choose a bag that is lightweight. One way to determine the weight of a bag is by picking it up when empty. Our recommendation: stay under 2 pounds. You do not want your bag to be the cause of any back or shoulder problems.

2) Durable

Choose a bag that is well-made. One that will hold up over time, scratch resistant, and is constructed from good fabric, which we will discuss next. There is an abundance of fashionable yet functional options on the market.

3) Waterproof(-ish)

Look for a material that is waterproof, like nylon, or waterproof-ish, like leather. Avoid materials that when wet will seep through the inside. Another consideration, choose a bag that has an inner lining of nylon or similar. So, when something spills inside, it is easy to clean.
Photo: LeSportsac website

4) Spacious

A work bag should be big enough to carry your essentials and then some without being overly large. A large bag will most likely be heavy when filled and bulky. On the flipside, a mini bag will not be sufficient. Finding the right balance is key. The right dimensions will depend on the shape of the bag; however, this is a good range: height 12-15 in, width 12-16 in and depth 4-5.5 in.

5) Minimal Color

Select a bag that is minimal in design and color so it can match many outfits. While a flashy color like neon purple would be super cute, it would clash and would not be versatile enough for an everyday workbag. Instead opt for a neutral or simple color.

6) Easy to Open

A really, really good work bag is easy to open BUT secure when closed, like a zipper. Contents will not fall out if the bag is turned upside down when zipped. Also, latched bags work really well, like a briefcase. Stay away from “open-mouth” bags because contents can easily fall out or get stolen.
Photo: Jack Georges website
Photo: LeSportsac website
Photo: Samsonite website

When What’s Inside Does Not Always Count

When What’s Inside Does Not Always Count

Photo & Video: Gamberini Bag's social media

Meet your next signature bag — Gamberini. Coming out of Italy, Gamberini Bag is helmed by an art expert who now lends her talents to curating handbags that are as original as the woman who carries them.

About the Brand

In a tiny yet sartorial boutique along via Massimo d’Azeglio in Bologna, customers can get lost in the world of Gamberini.  Founded by Ilenia Gamberini and handmade by local artisans, bags come in supple Italian leather and vegan leather. Each season is filled with gorgeous new hues to complement the intimate range of casual to stylish designs—from carry-all totes to prim bucket bags to oversized day clutches.

Interchangeable Design

The brand is desired for its most standout feature—interchangeable appliqués that are adorned on each bag to create an elegant, artistic or sassy focal point. You decide. From reimaginations of Frida Kahlo to pieces made out of high-end designer fabrics left over from previous collections, you can change your bag depending on your mood or the setting, easily going from work to play. Each bag comes with three appliqués.

Where to Buy

Items can be purchased at the flagship store in Bologna, Italy or on Gamberini’s international website.