Suits 102: 4 Things You Should Know to Look Exceptional in Any Suit

All Images: Brooks Brothers website
Now that you have an idea of what a proper fitting suit should feel like and how to check for fit, let’s discuss the remaining three characteristics of a suit—quality, style, and color.


What increases the quality of a suit are the materials used and attention to detail during construction. If you are shopping for a high-quality suit, think 100% wool, cotton and cashmere lined with an equally luxurious fabric like silk. When it comes to construction look for blazers and skirts that are fully lined and pants that are partially lined, at least.
However, if your budget cannot afford a high-quality suit, then that is okay. Go with what works within your budget because suits do not need to break the bank. You can find nicely constructed suits at an economical price point. Suits in this category are usually made out of a blend of fabrics like cotton, polyester, linen, and viscose and lined with similar fabrics. A combination of a good fit, flattering style, and nice color can make up for a lack in quality.


Selecting a style of suit is usually the fun part. There are so many silhouettes from which to choose — wide leg, cropped, high-waist, slim fit, the list goes on. To simplify things, ask yourself these three questions. 1) What style will I get the most use out of? 2) Can this style be worn in every season? 3) Does this look nice on me?
If this is your first suit for work, then try to stay away from what is trendy and opt for a style that is timeless, like a flared pantsuit or a pencil skirtsuit. Flared pants and pencil skirts are so versatile; both are universally flattering and can be worn year-round. If you have a bunch of suits and you want to add more to your collection, then focus on what flatters your body.


Color is paired expertly with style so give them equal thought. Bright colors are ways to express your personality while neutral colors are usually more professional and symbolic. For instance, navy is calming and signifies trust. Black is sleek and portrays elegance. Patterned suits like pinstripes are another beautiful option. Grey pinstriped suits are very popular and are not just for men; they look just as good on women. Color is genderless, so think about what image you want to portray, first. Then, choose a color that flatters your figure and complements the style of the suit. Black and navy are top choices.
If you’d like to go a little further and master suiting, here are additional things to consider.