7 Creative Ways to Style Your Jumpsuit this Fall

All Images: Flitinc website
Fall styling at its best is filled with great layering and a plethora of creativity. All you need is one good piece for the fun to begin, like a jumpsuit. By adding a few additional items, you can reimagine a jumpsuit to look upscale, relaxed and even professional. Now, your favorite night out outfit is a versatile and go-to daytime piece. With a jumpsuit in mind, we have created seven original looks that are easy to do and ultra-fashionable for the season and beyond.

1) Add A Fancy Blouse

Choose a great blouse with a detailed neckline and pair it under your jumpsuit, add a matching belt—or not—to complete the look.

2) Add A Cropped Sweater

For a little more elegance, style a knit cropped sweater with your jumpsuit. This look is great for sweaters with large hole patterns or even a sheer top. You won’t have to worry about wearing a tank top or undershirt, the jumpsuit does the trick.
*Note: you can use yarn to tie a sweater up (don’t pin it up; pins will ruin the knit) from the inside, if you don’t have a cropped sweater.

3) Add A Blazer

Simply throw on a blazer and you have an easy business casual look. Now all you need to focus on are the heels.

4) Add A Scarf

Take your favorite scarf, drape it over your shoulders like you would a shawl (if it is long then double it) and put your jumpsuit on over it. Make sure you tuck the scarf fully into the jumper. Then pull out/fluff the sleeves and collar to get your desired look. This look is very easy to do, and yes, it really is a scarf!

5) Add An Oversized Sweater and Belt

A stylish, relaxed look isn’t complete without an oversized sweater. Leave it open or accessorize it with a waist belt.

6) Add A Collared Shirt

Instead or wearing a collared shirt and trousers, why not wear a collared shirt under a jumpsuit? Put on a striped, patterned or plain collared shirt, add a colorful belt or scarf and your ready for work or wherever the day takes you.

7) Add A Crop Top and Collared Shirt

If you can’t get enough of the crop top or collared shirt look, then try pairing them together for a little edginess. Style your jumpsuit with a collared shirt layered under it and a cropped top layered over it. Mix it up with a short sleeve vs long sleeve shirt and of course, fun accessories.