STAUD: Handbags with a Twist

If you like off the beaten path fashion brands or discovering new labels, then this is for you. Get to know companies from around the world. 

Quick Read

Meet your newest bag with a quirky fashion twist!

About the Brand

STAUD started off as a customizable clothing brand, revamped itself in four years to become an emerging brand of “innovative pieces for contemporary women.” Based out of Los Angeles, Sarah Stuadinger co-founded her clothing and handbag brand with her husband. Since then, she has amassed strong support and has landed prime retail by being picked up on Net-a-porter and designing an exclusive handbag capsule for the fashion giant.

Why It Made Our List

What made STAUD find its’ way on our list as May’s Bold & Daring brand is how its’ designs are centered around young, modern women with a twist of quirkiness. Using vibrant color palettes, a combination of playful materials, and geometric shapes, STAUD sets the standard for quirky-chic, especially with its handbag collection.

Express Your Individuality

STAUD’s handbag line delivers high quality elegance with a nod to individuality. With handbags that come in unusual designs and various mediums, they play heavily upon one’s personal expression. While most of their handbags aren’t actually suitable for carrying all your items for work life, they are great for accentuating monotonous work pieces and are idol worthy enough to be the topic of office conversation.