Elevate Your Professional Attire With Nakamol Earrings

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All images from Nakamol.com

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Of course, you’ve heard of Nakamol, right? A beloved, independent jewelry brand made in Chicago, IL, offering incredible statement pieces you could wear for work, special occasions, or no occasion at all.

Why It Made Our List

The brand has an expansive range of all types of jewelry but their intricately designed, handcrafted earrings is what lands them on our Bold & Daring list. With vibrant colors, stylish shapes and a myriad of materials, their earrings are a great mix of quirkiness, a splash of cool, and a lot of fun!

Each year they produce seasonal collections, some rival trendy styles and others are charmingly unique. But what makes their earrings binge-worthy is how bold yet versatile their pieces are and all priced economically which is important to the founder. They can easily be paired with your staple, white button up, a comfy basic tee and a blazer, or your smartest, most vibrant suit — because why not be bold?!

About the Founder

Nakamol founded her eponymous brand after emigrating to Chicago from a rural town in southern Thailand. Limited by her income, she started making and selling jewelry to local boutiques. Overjoyed by the community and following she amassed, Nakamol opened a store and made it a priority to continuously hire people from underprivileged backgrounds and provide them with a stable income while ensuring her prices are affordable to anyone wanting to looking nice but not at a steep cost.

Image from Nakamol.com

Where to Buy

Nakamol can be found online or at many national retailers like Von Maur or Nordstrom. The best part, you can always catch a sale on their website!

Whether you are matching their earrings with your simplest outfit or a professional look, Nakamol is your go to for spicing up your style, anytime, any day.