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Share your message with our community by writing about a professional experience or business insight. 

We are a collective of modern, professional women from all over the world in every background, industry, and culture. You will fit in well. Below are the guidelines and some popular categories to choose from–creativity always welcomed. If you have any questions, just ask.


-Pick a click-worthy title (might change at publication)
-Attach a feature image (Yes, it can be of you)
-Limit of 800 words or less
-Keep the content career-focused
-Revise your writing for grammar errors and soundness
-Can include business website links* and additional images or video
-State how you’d like your name to appear on the article

Note: Submit all articles via contact e-mail. FlitInc will provide additional revision if needed.

*In order to fulfill the purpose of FlitInc, articles will reframe from advertising social media handles (Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc.). If you have a YouTube channel and the content pertains to your article, send the link and we can embed a video into your article.

Woman in the Spotlight​

Woman in the spotlight is a quick profile about you and your business/career.

Are you doing something cool?

Prof. Tips/
Biz Strategy

Tips/strategy can range from what to wear in the courtroom to how to handle coworkers.

What are your success tips?


Reflection articles are personal observations or experiences in business.

How did you handle a profound moment in your career? 


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