Raincoats to Inspire the Gloomiest Day​

If you like off the beaten path fashion brands or discovering new labels, then this is for you. Get to know companies from around the world. 

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Current Obsession Alert!

Whether it’s a heavy down pour or light mist, Rains has the perfect collection for hiding in the rain or being playful. Rains makes brilliant, fashionable pieces. With a touch of indulgence and high functionality, there is no need for your sartorial game to have an off day.

Rainwear That Goes Beyond Rain

Rains was founded in Copenhagen in 2012 with the goal of redesigning the traditional rubber raincoat. Now the brand has a full collection of rainwear and waterproof apparel and accessories. Each product is constructed with high quality fabric and finished with a chic silhouette. The colors across the collection are striking yet feminine, mod yet timeless. Coming in various styles and lengths, the brand provides options for fuller coverage to mid. While Rains is making a name for itself because of its’ rainwear, it also produces puffer coats that are worth a gander.

The Curve Jacket

Our favorite – Rains’ beautifully designed Curve Jacket. This style draws upon the individual who likes to look sharp even on the dullest of days. It has a smooth, fitted trench aesthetic, made with lightweight fabric, and ventilation, pulled together with a belt and cheeky fishtail. The best part, this design flatters almost any body type and it is versatile. You can match it with your most professional attire or relax it with jeans.

Slip on Rains on a rainy day or in between seasons. Regardless of when you wear it, you’ll make a splash.