Is Work Leisure the New Athleisure? Spanish Brand Oysho Thinks So by Its New Collection

All Images: Oysho website
The trend of Athleisure has found its replacement. With the return to the office, there has been a surge in lux yet comfy fashion, enter working leisure. Now you might be thinking, “Work and leisure,” can those two really go together? Well, Spanish brand Oysho is here to tell you that they can and show you how to do it.

A New Trend In Womenswear?

Oysho is a Spanish sports and loungewear clothing company. However, it’s introducing a new collection called, “working leisure.” This release consists of breathable fabrics, compression pieces and fashionable trousers that are wrinkle-free or low-iron. Most importantly, the concept is to have pieces that can transition from office to gym or vice versa while resembling flattering, professional attire. Pieces range from smart casual with overshirts to business with blazers.

We Approve

Working leisure is sure to be a hot option now that people are phasing out of sweats but aren’t quite ready to don a suit for work. View the collection, which has some really cool pieces, at