Turn to the Philippines for Accessories with Abstract Appeal

All Images from Moy website

With earrings twisted and bent into irregular shapes to effervescent color palettes, Moy Studio is catching eyes for its abstract appeal. Easily enough, these everyday accessories have captivated us, thus making our list.

Company Profile

Based out of Cebu, Philippines, designer and founder Christine Hamoy uses indigenous materials and local talent to create each collection. Combined with her passion for creativity and social impact, Moy produces contemporary pieces rooted in Filipino tradition that are sustainable and aesthetically pleasing.

Our Pick: Honopu and Birch

Honopu’s mismatched pairing is the embodiment of self-expression. They are attention seeking and distinctive; the perfect combination.

Birch’s sleek loops elongate the neck and add a mist of elegance, making this pair a great piece for showing off the artistic subtleties found in us all.

Where to Buy

To purchase accessories and view Moy’s full collection, visit the website. Moy ships worldwide, so wherever you live don’t be afraid to splurge!