Morning Tips to Empower Your Mind for Work

3  min read

Walking into work each morning can be hard, especially after a holiday. Either we are still hanging on to the weekend, tired or simply not ready to face the day. By nature, I am not a morning person, but, since becoming an independent adult I have realized that how I start my morning has power over the rest of my day. If I leave the house in a bad mood and can’t shake it before I get to work, then I go into my day downbeat. But if I leave the house feeling happy, I’m more likely to face each task with a smile and positive mindset.

Over the years, I have practiced starting the day in a positive mind frame. By starting the day in a positive mind frame, you open yourself to opportunity and increased productivity which puts you one step closer to reaching your dream of future CEO, lead dancer or Forbes entrepreneur of the year. Plus, the more positive energy you put out, the more the universe will take note. We are naturally inclined to gravitate towards positivity. It’s like sunshine—it warms people up.

How you start your day is important to your success. So, before you get dressed and rush out of the house for work, take time each morning to spend about an hour getting in the right mind frame. I have provided some tips to get you energized and poised for the day ahead. Have a great day!

6 Tips to Jump Start Your Work Day:

  • Review your professional goals, plan an activity or perform a hobby—Doing a stimulating activity first thing in the morning gets your your mind churning and increases your productivity levels. Working on your professional endeavors each morning puts you one step closer to achieving them and gives perspective to your day.
  • Meditate or read—Build up your mentality to take on the day.  Cultivate positive thought processes by meditating, praying or reading pieces that are inspiring or self-improving. Practice daily positive affirmations and renew your mind. 
  • Laugh—Watch a sitcom—may I suggest Superstore or Black(ish)—or  catch up on your favorite tv show. Laughter puts us all in a good mood and washes away negativity. Just don’t over do it and be late to work!
  • Cook—Prepare a simple breakfast for yourself, blend a smoothie or get a leg up on dinner. Cooking is therapeutic. It puts your mind at ease, gives you time to collect your thoughts and calmly start your day. 
  • Pamper Yourself—Wake up to put on a refreshing face mask, soak in the tube or get a massage. Take care of yourself in the morning, set your confidence for the day and recharge your patience.
  • Exercise—Run, walk, stretch. Do a physical activity to reinvigorate your mind, alleviate stress, and get you feeling healthy, happy and powerful.