Mexico City’s Breakout Handbags Embrace Originality Like No Other

Image: María Rufina website
Think origami lover meets industrial design artist and you have a recipe for María Rufina’s breakout handbags. Based in Mexico City, this contemporary company makes geometrical purses but with a twist. They are foldable. Yep, that’s right, fashion handbags that can be easily disassembled to fit in a gym or travel bag.

About the Brand

Founded by Kary Rivera, María Rufina is at the forefront of Mexico’s burgeoning fashion scene. The brand’s prototypical design was once a college final project, and literally, a dream come true for the former student who was facing a bout of creative block (read interview here). Since then, the idea has flourished and now includes a collection of purses and wallets.

Moldable Handbags

The collection offers four main styles in the iconic origami inspired aesthetic and a few classic styles. Bags come with a colorful interior that can be selected by the customer, and are made out of neoprene or leather. However, the signature is the folding shopper which comes with short or long handles, is moldable and has a folding feature. For a more in-depth look at this model, check out our review. With a selection of unique handbags for the offering, there is sure to be one that captivates you.

Where to Buy

Shop the collection at María Rufina online. Please note, prices may be listed in MXD($) and need to be converted to USD($).