María Rufina: Foldable Designer Handbags Inspired by Origami

Image: María Rufina website
María Rufina, a burgeoning handbag brand out of Mexico, is on to something with its purses that resemble folded origami and are leather free. Its short handle folding bag has many features that make it a must-have bag for stylish professional women.

Product Details

  • Model Name: Shopper Zipper Folding Bag Short Handle
  • Materials: Exterior: Neoprene; Interior: synthetic suede
  • Colors: Exterior: black; Interior: assortment
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 12 in x 4.5 in x 11.5 in


True to its name, the bag is constructed to be entirely collapsible. It has brilliantly placed side snaps that blend into the design yet come undone, along with a top zipper and handles that can be detached. Then, the bag lays flat and can be folded and stored in other things, like a gym bag.
However, it’s not your run-of-the-mill folding bag made out of cloth or nylon. This one is much stronger. It’s made out of thick neoprene and has a synthetic suede lining. Which, by the way, the customer gets to select.
Now here comes the fun part, you can mold the bag. The neoprene surface has a laser cut, origami-style stitched pattern which makes it pliable.  Poke in the sides and bottom and you have created a uniquely shaped handbag.


  • Entirely collapsible
  • Origami aesthetic
  • Moldable shape
  • Unique handbag

Why It’s Recommended

María Rufina foldable handbags are unique in aesthetic and design. Within 2 mins, you can deconstruct and reconstruct the bag and mold it to your liking. They are perfect for toting to the office or folding in a suitcase for travel. Visit the website to see the full collection. Note, prices are listed in pesos and might need to be converted.