On Duty: Never Miss A Step With This Spanish Royal Favorite

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Did you see their heels sprinkled throughout Buying the Perfect Everyday Shoe? Or perhaps you’ve seen a notable royal wearing them? Should your answer be no, then you’ve come to the right page. We’ll shine a bright light on your next go-to shoe brand. Because of their wide range of luxury designs that are crafted to be wearable for long hours and are dangerously hot, Magrit is on our list of international brands to know.

Royal Reputation

A long-standing player in the world of Spanish luxury, Magrit makes its name off their reputation. Not only do they produce a contemporary heel that can be worn to work and off-duty but also they make a fierce boot; one that is vibrant and makes waves. Just look to Queen Letizia of Spain who regularly rocks their footwear while attending to her royal duties.

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About the Brand

This Spanish shoemaker has been in the business for over 90 years. Their craftmanship emphasizes elegance and design without forgoing comfort. Each shoe is produced with expertise and high-quality materials which results in the loveliest pair of shoes made for walking. Additionally, they complement select styles with matching bags.

Where to Buy

The company is based out of Madrid where their main retail shop and sales points are located. If you can’t make it to Spain anytime soon, not to worry. They offer international shipping at Magrit.com and a bountiful selection to peruse.