Let Madrid’s The 2ndSkin Be the Pop of Color You Need This Spring

Image: The 2ndSkin Co website

About the Company

We are all ready to get dressed up and leave the house again, to wear luxe fabrics and clothing that make us feel beautiful. Let The 2nd Skin Co pave the way to your wardrobe revival this spring.
Located in Madrid, Spain, The 2nd Skin Co is a different kind of brand. Labeling itself “pret-a-couture,” the company offers seasonal collections where some pieces can be modified by color or print. In addition, it has an atelier service where items are custom-made.

The Collection

Staying meticulous to sewing and detail, the brand puts creating products that make women feel special at the forefront. Collections are centered around cocktail and event attire but include dresses, blouses, and coats to delight on everyday occasions as well. Put on something refreshing and beautiful because it is time to feel good again.

Where to Buy

To purchase and for atelier information, visit The 2nd Skin Co website.