Lagos’ Hottest Brands You Might Want to Know

Image: IA Connect website

With the rise of Afro beats and popular Nigerian musicians, comes the rise of Nigerian fashion. New brands are popping up and making waves, while established brands are coming into the international spotlight. Both are benefiting from this emergence. If you are looking for inspiration and wanting to be a part of the movement, these are some brands to know.

Pepper Row

Pepper Row is a whimsical brand that speaks to the future of Nigeria’s innovation. It’s youthful, vibrant and pays homage to its roots. Based in Lagos, the brand offers contemporary pieces that are perfect for going to a party or the store. Ultimately, the brand is the essence of fun girl magic.

Orange Culture

With a heavy focus on fluidity, Orange Culture was always meant to be a trailblazer in Nigeria’s fashion industry. The brand offers stylistic made to order pieces for both men and women. Its standout textiles and silhouettes have garnered the brand a cultlike following.

Andrea Iyamah

Bursting onto the international scene over the last two years, Andrea Iyamah is growing a vast following of devotees. Known for its swimwear, the brand’s signature ruffle swimsuits have been featured in magazines and movies. And if that isn’t enough, the brand’s burgeoning womenswear line is equally captivating.