A Kenyan Designer’s Invite to The Oscars

Image: KICC/BBC News

Kenyan fashion brand, The Label Saba is making waves this award season. Last month, a red leather bracelet bag from the brand’s collection was worn on the Grammy’s red carpet by singer-songwriter Blush. In addition, actors Viola Davis and Steven Zahn have been snapped carrying the brands signature cow hide duffle bag. Now, fashion designer and owner Nthenya Mwendwa is in Los Angeles to further promote her designs.

The Bags

Mwendwa’s products are made from recycled materials, like discarded cow hide and fish leather, and also includes bead work from the Maasai culture. A community of local Maasai women are employed to do the bead work.

Oscar’s Calling

This year, Mwendwa was invited to have her products displayed in Oscar gifting suites. Celebrities that attend the event can grab free items. The hope is that celebrity association will help skyrocket sales and bring an international audience. So far, The Label Saba seems to be off to a good start as Beyonce’s team has already been in touch.