Something to Think About As You Navigate Your Career

Alvin Balemesa/Unsplash

Just a thought…

 As you navigate the world and become a person of influence, remember to include others, especially in your professional life. A way to do this is through inclusivity—practice of including people that are from different racial groups, genders, or marginalized communities. While this takes time and is something you must actively work at, it is relatively simple to do.

Be willing to listen and learn from people of different races, religions, genders, cultures, and social-economic status’. By doing this, you expand your mind—open yourself up to new ways of thinking and gain deeper insight. Also, listening and learning from others shows your willingness to foster meaningful relationships and grow.

Another way you can work towards inclusivity is to educate yourself. The more you know about someone or something the less you are likely to carry prejudices or be discriminatory. Education is the fastest way to actively work against ignorance. Moreover, education is one of the best things you can do to improve yourself.

To sum it up…

Let’s actively practice inclusiveness. Be willing to think about others more and, perhaps, yourself less. With whatever power you have, include others in the conversation and provide a way for a collection of diverse voices to be heard. Open your mind and always educate yourself. If you can, educate others, too.