You Can Professionally Survive in the New World–Here’s How

Photo by h heyerlein/Unsplash
How will you leverage your appeal as a professional in the future? Is this something you even think about? Maybe it should be. The world is changing and widely being shaped by global phenomena. You can see this in everyday things. From the impact of Bangladesh’s microfinancing system pioneered in the 1970s to help poor communities to the current rise of K-pop spreading across the world—which in turn is rapidly proliferating Korean language and culture. Every industry is becoming diversified. Therefore, it is no longer practical to have a myopic point of view. The world is progressing and you should be too, here’s why.

Working Towards Interconnectivity

Now more than ever it is easier to connect anywhere in the world within seconds. With a plethora of internet applications, we are doing just that. Our workplace is evolving to include more international transactions. Having worldly experiences—working, traveling, or living abroad—or being able to relate to people from other backgrounds will be a professional asset. As the world is shifting towards becoming one interconnected body and less of disjointed parts, adapting quickly to a new environment is essential. So, embark on adventures outside of your comfort zone.

Multilingual is on the Rise

Being bilingual is no longer a novelty. More and more people are learning other languages besides their native tongue. And as the world continues to progress, there will be a rise, and need, in polyglots. Being multilingual is a skill highly motivated professionals will be able to leverage. Just think about it. Language is how we communicate. If you are able to speak multiple languages, proficiently to fluently, you are able to connect with more people and attract more professional opportunities. So, learn a new language or two.

Know About What is Happening in the World

Not only does data and trends inform our future but also, we mirror what other countries do well and adapt them into our society.  Because of this, our scope is shifting more towards international. That is why it is increasingly detrimental to keep a finger on the pulse and be knowledgeable on a range of world topics.  Make sure the news you consume or the insight you gather has some sort of global perspective. This will be key to staying desirable as a professional as the world continues to change. So, try to consume news that is outside of your home country every day. (recommendations)

Start thinking about the professional you want to be and do things to cultivate that image. If we can integrate new technologies, flavors, or products into the consumer world to enhance visual and edible experiences, why can’t we leverage languages, business practices, and insights from other countries to make us better, well-rounded individuals? The world is changing.  Get ahead of the curve.