The Return of the Vest – and Other Trends That Need A Comeback this Fall

Image: Victoria Beckham website
Fashion season is amongst us, with it comes a splash of new trends. While we prefer style over everything, it is fun to see runway collections and guess what might be the new thing. What follows are our predictions – mainly wishes – on what fashion trends desperately need a reappearance this fall.
Image: Thebe Magugu website

1) Berets

The beret is such a creative piece. It tops off coats, dresses and even jeans nicely. More importantly, it looks good on everyone, especially structured berets. That is why it deserves a comeback. Don’t you agree?
Image: Victoria Beckham website

2) Vests (aka Waistcoats)

Is the proper term vest or waistcoat? Regardless of what you call it, it is the quintessential power piece when it comes to professional dressing. It can effortlessly make an outfit smart casual or business certified. Here is to hoping the vest-coat (see what we did there) is re-introduced into the fashion eco-system.
Image: Chi Chi Fan website

3) Briefcases

Now it is time to get deep and personal. Briefcases need to never go out of trend. Whether it be the traditional model or a contemporary one, a briefcase makes a statement. They add a touch of individuality and are still considered lady-like. Trust us, they are not only for men. (By the way, our newsletter is named “The Brief” that is how big of a fan we are of them.)
Image: Noë website

4) The Color Green

Every year there is an unofficial color of the season. For this year, it should be green, dark green to be exact. Why? It’s an absolutely gorgeous color. And it would be nice to have more dark green wardrobe options to choose from!
Image: Nordstrom website

5) Chunky Heel Loafers

Loafers are here to stay but its sibling, heeled loafers, have not been seen since…Clueless? Which is a shame because the shoe complements dresses and denim surprisingly well, giving off a tasteful smart casual look. However, something tells us we will be seeing plenty of heeled loafers back in style soon.