This Brand is Making Ghana the New Power Player in Women’s Fashion

All Images from Christie Brown
Ghana is leading the way for Neo-African fashion and we are here for it. If you have not heard of  Christie Brown yet, you are in for a cultural, aesthetically pleasing treat.

Neo-Africa Power Dressing

For over a decade, Christie Brown has been a heavy player in Africa’s fashion scene. Its interpretation of bringing African culture alive in contemporary designs is what makes the label unique. Every collection features original pieces and accessories that can be paired with simple slacks or dresses for a professionally inspired look.

About the Brand

Christie Brown was launched in 2008 by Ghanaian designer Aisha Obuobi as an extension of her lifelong passion for fashion. Growing up, Aisha was inspired by her seamstress grandmother’s creations and as a result named her business after her. Christie Brown is an apparel and accessories retailer and manufacturer, creating women’s bespoke and ready-to-wear garments.

Where to Buy

Based in Accra, Ghana, the Christie Brown collection can be purchased at its flagship store or on the website.