Bordeaux: The Dream, The Move

Part 1: Are you thinking about working abroad? Follow my series of moving to Bordeaux for work, life, and everything else.
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Have you ever had a dream that lights you up inside? A dream that pulls and nags at you, begging you to embrace it. Throughout the day, it clings to you until you finally let go of your fears to face it.  Maybe this dream is not hatched out of the perfect plan, but the plans fills you with passion. And one day, you finally decide to chase that dream because it has been chasing you.

In two days, that is exactly what I plan to do. I am moving to Bordeaux to grow my FlitInc business and audience, internationally. Well, at least that is the plan.

Ever since childhood, I’ve believed the world is my oyster. Maybe this began with my first trip abroad in the sixth grade. Evoked with wanderlust, I walked the Parisian streets breathing in the fresh air of enchantment, thinking to myself, how cool would it be to see the world. As an adult, I’ve hoped and dreamed that my professional journey would somehow take me abroad. But when the opportunity didn’t present itself, like many of us wish it does, I took the leap to manifest it for myself. 

Bordeaux is a city largely known for its wine, but if you look a little further, you will soon find out this Sleeping Beauty has more to offer. In fact, my biggest lure to it is that it’s an international hub for business but still a close-knit community. Just what I’m dreaming of as I expand my business overseas. For all those reasons and more, I chose to start my next chapter there.

Okay, I confess. “Moving,” is probably a strong word. As of now, I’m relocating to France for the summer.

My hope is that you follow along. That you become inspired by my journey and continue to dream and develop your professional aspirations. So that when the times comes, you aren’t afraid to take the path less travelled.

Ultimately, my goal is to learn how women operate in different business cultures and gain insight on what professionalism is like throughout the world. What I plan to do with this knowledge is better my business and share it with you. Hoping you will come to realize, the world is your oyster.