This Belgium Shoe Brand Will Inspire You to Get Dressed Up for Work

All Images from Noë website
This family-owned Belgium brand is in the business to put color into your wardrobe. Noë, known for its vibrant color palette, has over 88 effervescent shades (and a wide range of styles) to match any outfit and inspire many more. However, if having lots of options is too much for you, then you can always go with something simpler—the seasonal collection which is just as fabulous.

About the Brand

Founded in Antwerp in 2008, Noë focuses on providing quality production and thoughtful designs. It offers a versatile shoe collection and produces custom handbags to match its shoes.

Where to Buy

The company ships internationally and products can be purchased on its website or in stores in Europe.

The next time you are looking for a coordinating shoe or to add some color to your collection — think Noë.