Why the New Workplace Can Work For You

Original Image by Manny Pantoja

Working remote has opened up a tremendous opportunity to grow as professionals and to test out how we’d like the future of our career to look. While it has been an adjustment for many, it has also been  advantageous.

The freedom to work from anywhere, whether that’s your sofa or a beachside resort, has been a huge upside. The feeling of stuck “in the office” has diminished, work feels less stressful, and the mental fatigue of monotony has now been replaced with exotic destinations. With those things eliminated, there is more room to breed creativity and become inspired.

Another advantage of working remotely has been an increase in our ability to reason. When issues arise, we’ve realized that we can problem solve and make decisions on our own. Frequently in traditional work settings, we are told what to do which leaves little room for autonomy. Now when left alone to figure things out, we do exactly that.

Probably one of the greatest shifts is that we have learned to become more independent professionals. We are no longer being told when to start our day and how to structure it. No supervisor is peering over our shoulder micromanaging every move. We have grown to depend on ourselves to set our schedule and pace. We have become self-starters who are able to operate on a team as well as independently.

These attributes to working remotely have birthed a new type of professional. One that is adaptable, efficient, and more confident. Do you feel as if you’ve grown as a professional since working remote? How so?