Support Change in the Workforce with Haitian-Italian Designer Stella Jean

All Images Courtesy of Stella Jean/ Vogue website

One of the main issues coursing through the world right now is equality. So, we chose a brand that captures this sentiment down to its core and promotes social equality, especially in the workforce. Through the use of prints from various cultures across the world to the humanitarian thought-process behind the label, Stella Jean is championing change and using fashion to do it. 

Why It Made Our List: Activist-Fashion

Each collection is designed to weave threads of inclusion and multiculturalism. As a result, Stella Jean partners with female artisans from developing countries every season and promotes social development projects. Whether you are in the mood for statement skirts to wear to work or tops that speak volumes, spread awareness with Stella Jean.

About the Founder

Born to an Italian father and a Haitian mother, Stella Jean is a black, Italian fashion designer based out of Rome. She created her eponymous label to be a symbol of cultures merging and leading to a dialogue with a bigger picture. By using her talents to champion global injustices, she hopes to make fashion environmentally responsible and a mechanism for social change.

Where to Buy

You can find the brand’s garments on various online retailers. To learn more about Stella Jean visit the website. Go to Vogue to view the latest runway collection. 

left: Stella Jean © Isidore Montag /