María Rufina (Mexico City, Mexico)
About Flitinc
Nowadays, consumers are inundated with a lot of options for fashion. Yet, too many options can be a headache, and what is really missing is an easier way to identify brands they connect with. Through our platform, we help fashion lover find emerging and independent brands that explore their distinct style while bringing awareness to women-owned brands from around the world. Our hope is to facilitate a deeper connection between maker and wearer through our content.
our Team

Founder, Nneka has known the power of women from a young age. Her mother, achieving rank of Colonel in the Army, taught her she could do anything she wanted, if she put her mind to it. That determination, along with a resilient and curious spirit has led Nneka to travel and live all over the world. During those stays, she would collect unique fashions that would yield compliments. Soon, she realized she had a knack for discovering brands which later informed her decision to establish Flitinc. At heart, Nneka is a creator who enjoys sewing, cooking, and storytelling. To get updates and hear her stories, subscribe to the monthly newsletter.

Additionally, Nneka is lucky enough to have a team of amazing individuals, like her mother and sister, who provide support to Flitinc and her vision.


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