The Modern Woman's Guide to Business

The beginning...

The dream began some years ago when I wanted a way to empower and educate women. It came full circle about a year ago when I decided to quit my job. I left a job that made me feel empty, and I had dealt with a situation that tried to make me feel powerless. I wanted, no needed, advice on how to get past this experience, how to rebound and be even more successful. So I looked for a place where women talked about their professional experiences and how they handled business situations.  A place where there were strategies designed for modern women to help them boldly navigate today’s business world. A place curated by women. What I didn’t find, I decided to create. 

FlitInc came to life. A business resource for the determined, modern woman. The best part, it’s community driven, reflecting our diverse backgrounds.

Nneka Erondu

founder , FlitInc

Coming from a Nigerian and American heritage has given me profound respect for different cultures and people. Having spent many years working in finance, I finally decided to embark on something I am passionate about — helping women excel in business.

As a professional, I have sharpened my business skills by taking courses in business writing, and effective communication and speaking. Most recently, I received my TEFL certification so I can work with professionals, especially women, in Business English.  

On my off days, I can be found dreaming up my next adventure or trying to get the basics down of French!


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