Our Mission:

Our Mission

To Help Women Be More Confident And Bolder, in particularly, in their Careers

To help women be more confident and bolder, in particularly, in their careers

PushButton (Seoul, South Korea)
About Flitinc
We provide image and fashion styling for women with work as the central theme. Because so much of how we feel and perform is wrapped up in how we look, our aim is to assist women in looking their best each day and feeling confident. As well, we introduce our audience to innovative and diverse brands from around the world, so they can cultivate their own inimitable style and boldly show it off. After all, fashion is a form of self-expression.
Our Origin
Our story begins with a passion for women – enhancing, enriching, and uplifting women. That combined with a knack for collecting distinct pieces throughout travels that would field compliments and questions from friends and strangers alike. Realizing the need, Flitinc was formed to help women who have the desire but not the time and resources to find unique wardrobe items and incorporate them into their everyday style.
Gamberini Bag (Bologna, Italy)