A New Runway Landing Soon…Crochet Fashion Week

Image: Diotima website

There’s New York Fashion Week, Afro and Vegan too now crochet fashion will get its time to shine as the centerpiece and not a feature. Next February, crochet fashion will be at the forefront as an inaugural event showcasing crochet and knit designs will be held. Designers, from Barbados to Nigeria, will flock to Atlanta, GA to put their crochet clothing and accessories on the runway during Crochet Fashion Week. 

This just might be the first time that a large scale event dedicated strictly to crochet high-fashion takes places but the organizers hope it won’t be the last. The idea started as a platform to give crochet — an underrated technique — recognition, and to help crochet talents find their place in the fashion scene. Crochet Fashion Week is aptly aligned with the growing shift to slow fashion. Come back in February for more CFW news.

To Meet the designers and for more details, visit CFW’s website.