9 Things To Do Now to Be Successful Later

2 min read

It has been said, success doesn’t happen over night but rather comes over time — at least the lasting type. And it has also been said that most successful people have formed good habits.  So over the years, after having read many books, received much advice, and learned through my own experiences, I have come to adapt some habits  that have led me to standout professionally and achieve many of my business goals. Here they are: nine high-level, good habit forming things to do now in order to cultivate success later.

9 Things to Do:

#1 Become desensitized to NO now (saying it and hearing it), so it won’t be a weakness later.

#2 Set your standards now, later they will be how others define you and what you live by.

#3 Formulate a good follow-through now, it will become your work ethic later.

#4 Get in the habit of being consistent now, so later you will be known as someone who is dependable.

#5 Be responsive to people now, later on it will be your reputation.*

#6 Don’t over commit yourself now, so you won’t have to back out later.

#7 Learn to prioritize your day now by the things that matter most because later when it becomes filled with things that don’t matter as much, you won’t lose focus.

#8 Do things alone now (like eating out or going out), later when you are in a situation where you have to do something  alone, you will feel comfortable and confident.

#9 Come to terms with the fact others will judge you (no matter what you do), now; later you will be proud you were bold enough to live out your dreams.

*To elaborate,  when it comes to business transactions and displaying the highest level of professionalism, ignoring people is not the answer. Even if you aren’t interested in what they have to say or you don’t know them, learn to treat people with decency. Not only does it go a long way but also it is a reflection upon you.