5 Easy Tips for Mastering the Pantsuit

3  min read

I love a good pantsuit on a woman. I like how it adds an extra layer of inimitability and power. Take Hilary Clinton for instance, she is always in a colored pantsuit while taking on the Good Ol’ Boys club. Janelle Monae is known to sport a flashy, stylish pantsuit which is now identifiable as her trademark. As of late, Blake Lively has been rocking beautifully designed, sensational pantsuits to promote her newest movie. Adorning a pantsuit can be a powerful branding tool or simply a personal choice. Whatever your reason for suiting up—comfort, free will, requirement or statement—pantsuits are a great staple for your professional wardrobe.

This Fall fashion season, pantsuits are making a comeback and heating up everyone’s must-have list. Wolk Morais designs a fantastic collection for the bold, Ralph Lauren is a master at the classic look, but for affordability and quality, might I suggest Armani Exchange, Brooks Brothers’ Red Fleece, and J. Crew. All have a variety of contemporary styles with lots of color options. 

Here are my 5 tips to consider if you are thinking about buying a pantsuit or trying to enhance your suit game. Generally, clothing should be liberating and an expression of oneself. That’s why I like to invest in personal style rather than trend.

Tailoring is important

Take your suit to a tailor, if you can afford to. Tailoring is an extra expense, but it’s well worth it. It can turn an average suit into a bespoke suit. However, if you choose not to visit your local tailor, then create a tailored look by sticking to structured pantsuits and slim fitting tops. 

Think about color

Black, navy, grey, pinstripe—all good neutral colors and staples to have. As you grow your collection, feel free to add vibrant colors and fun patterns. The only caveat, vibrant colors can be showstopping, so you are less likely to wear a colorful suit as often as a neutral suit.

Balance proportions

Give balance to your pantsuit by keeping things proportional. Since I am 5’5″, if my pants are baggy, low slung or wide leg, I prefer to wear high heels in order to elongate my legs and prevent from looking frumpy or swallowed up by my clothes.  

Contrast pulls it together

Use a contrasting blouse or pair of shoes to accentuate your look. When wearing a pantsuit, I like to pair it with either funky shoes and a plain top or a fancy top and plain shoes. Or, I will keep a monochromatic color scheme and throw-in a variant with my shoes. For example, imagine a woman wearing a black pantsuit, plain black blouse and red heels. Sleek, right?

Spice it up

Experiment with your look. Don’t be afraid to add a bow tie, suspenders, a brooch or scarf to your pantsuit. For those of you who wouldn’t dare to accessorize with any of the above, try wearing printed tights under your pants or layers under your suit jacket, like a vest or cardigan on top of a button up.

Whatever color or style of pantsuit you wear, always wear it with confidence! Choose a suit that makes you feel comfortable, strong and—most importantly—yourself. Check out the gallery of ladies mastering the pantsuit.