Get More SH*T Done This Year:
3 Tips to Tackle Success

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

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Each year, my first article is a tip or piece of strategy pertaining to success in the new year. The content of these articles is usually filled with things I learned, was taught, or discovered the previous year that helped me become more efficient and effective. As I learn, I like to share. So, as you are working towards plotting your goals or resolutions this year, keep these 3 things in mind to help you become more successful: purpose, productivity, and perseverance.


Purpose is simple and specific. Why are you doing what you are doing? What are you hoping to learn or what outcome are you hoping for?

Purpose is crucial to goal setting before any action takes place. Purpose gives reason to your efforts. So, make sure to work out your purpose first.  It comes in handy when you get stuck or become unsure of what you are doing. 

Additionally, having a purpose leads to productivity, which I’ll discuss next, and the two keep each other in balance.

*Side note: Last year, I wrote an article about being intentional about your success. While I view these concepts as similar, the article about being intentional can be used to help you plot a purposefully and productive course of action.*


There are a million activities we could do in a day. But only a few that will lead to productivity. So be sure to identify those activities. Not only put them at the top of your daily list (yes, doing them each day is a necessity) but also make sure to allot a larger amount of time to those activities. One way to be more productive with your time is to organize it and link purpose to productivity. If a task is not chipping away at a goal/purpose, then maybe you should allot less time to it and make it a lower priority, or even reconsider if it’s worth you doing at all.  


It is important to continue on with a task no matter the challenges or obstacles you face. Things built to last are not achieved overnight. So, if you think a method is not working, give it more time to work, slowly tweaking it over a period of time. Diligent yet purposeful work eventually returns results.

These are probably the most significant things I learned in 2019 that I hope to employ consistently in 2020. Have a purpose, connect it to productivity (and prioritize tasks that link to your purpose), and keep chipping away at it every day. Take pleasure in your work and enjoy the process!